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Ask Robert

If you take all of the technical processes and percolate them down to just a couple of reasons why a discerning coffee drinker should consider your beans the best – what are they?

By February 15, 2022No Comments

We win awards for our coffee and receive praise for its flavor, but it all comes down to a unique blend of water, soil and environment. The specialized processes we use to produce coffee are important but the “new” soil created by the volcano, the gift of rain and ideal sunshine offered in the mornings coupled with the protective cloud cover in the afternoons, make for an ideal growing environment.

You must think creatively to excel with organic activity. For example, we help to keep weeds under control not with chemicals but with a plant we call, “perennial peanut”. This flowering ground cover not only reduces weeds, it fixes all important nitrogen into the soil fertilizing the trees.

This is a fabulous cultivating region. I once measured the growth of a two-year-old tree planted in one of our newly cultivated areas and it added four feet to its height in just seven months! We now have apples and grapes growing on the big island.  A natural sweetness is added to the fruit due to the vitality and richness built into the soil. And remember: a little natural sweetness adds to the smoothness of the coffee.