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Entirely Off-Grid Power System on Kona

The owners of Kona Rainforest Coffee built a new 8,000 sq ft mill to keep up with the high demand for their products and wanted to power the farm, mill, and roastery entirely from renewable sources. The owners had previously used a diesel-powered generator but didn’t like that the noise often distracted tourists during tours and that it stood in direct conflict with the sustainable focus of their brand. This fully off-grid system now powers dehumidifiers, air conditioners, and a large coffee dryer that runs 24/7, a wet mill that runs several hours a day, electric water heaters, and lighting for on-site accommodations. The system saves an estimated $1,600 a month in what would be charged by the local utility. The system is even producing more than they can use, so they plan to use the excess to power a drone to assist with organic spraying of their coffee plants as well as three 4×4 electric farm vehicles, replacing their fossil fuel-powered farm vehicles.

Contractor: Solar Advantage | Modules: Hyundai | Inverters: OutBack | Storage: Blue Planet Energy | Mounting: SnapNrack