Smooth or fruity?
Full bodied or lighter roast?
Take your pick!

Order Organic 100% Kona Coffee in different weights or by the pound.

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Chateau Kona Coffee


This is a rugged and hearty coffee that will inspire you to sit up straight and think about having an adventure. Spiciness, dark chocolate, and creaminess might be found in this coffee.

Extra fancy Kona coffee


This coffee tastes like the sun breaking through the clouds. It is sweet and delicate with a bit of brightness.

Extra Fancy is the largest coffee bean grown and makes up a large percentage of the crop. Because the beans are consistently the same size, we are able to produce a very even roast.

Organic Peaberry coffee from Kona HI


A spectacular morning coffee, comforting and straightforward. Its subtle lemon flavor and herbaceousness will help ease you into the day.

Peaberry is found in less than 5% of the total crop. With its extra smooth taste, this small round bean is perceived as the best of the best.