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This is a rugged and hearty coffee that will inspire you to sit up straight and think about having an adventure. Spiciness, dark chocolate, and creaminess might be found in this coffee.

Chateau is a special mix of our Peaberry, Extra Fancy, Fancy and Prime to produce a smooth bouquet of flavors from all the different bean sizes. It jumps with flavor, leaving an inquiring Caramel aftertaste with full bodied hints of fruit. Our medium dark roast is preferred by Kona coffee connoisseurs. Roasted just past the first crack, the beans are a chocolate brown matte finish with very little oil on the surface. The unique character of Kona coffee comes through best with a lighter roast, enhancing the delicate fruity taste that makes Kona coffee so special.

All characteristics are rated an intensity scale of 1 (not present) to 10 (very intense)

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