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Video courtesy Justin Rhodes / The Great American Farm Tour

Why the Tree?

Trust us, there was a reason that we chose the “Tree” to use in selecting our corporate brand mark.

From Kona Snow to Red Cherries

How do you get to be one of the best coffee farms in one of the finest coffee growing areas on the planet? For Kona RainForest Farms (KRF), it’s a story that is part nature’s blessing, part hard work and all passion. Our farm was planted back in 1999, which makes it a relative newcomer to this area that saw its first coffee trees about 175 years ago. Fortunately, the farm produced a superior coffee bean right from the original harvest thanks to the perfect combination of volcanic soil, sunshine, rainfall and temperature.

It wasn’t until the farm was acquired in 2006 by current owners Robert and Dawn Barnes that it really began to live up to its potential. The Barnes realized that if they took on the exacting work of organically growing, harvesting, milling and roasting their coffee beans, enhancing what nature had bestowed on them, they would create a unique, high-quality coffee that exceeds the expectations of coffee connoisseurs everywhere. While the skill and hard work required to accomplish this are crucial, equally important is a passion for doing it well – no satisfaction is enjoyed until the beans are the best