100% Organic Kona Coffee!

One of the few remaining farms still producing the incredible Kona Organic Coffee!


Our Lofty Goal of a Totally Off-Grid, Solar-Powered, Coffee Farm!

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Please join us in praying for the people of Maui and Lahaina.

If you’d like to provide help for the people of Maui in this time of tragedy we’d encourage you to donate to one of the organizations below.

Hawaii Grown!

Our Certified Organic 100% Kona Coffee is an extraordinary American-grown product and Hawaii is the only state in the Union where it is grown.

Find out what makes it so good…

Hand-Picked with Love

Getting just the right harvest is crucial to making the end product, a cup of coffee with just the right balance of energizing goodness.

“Napa and Sonoma areas are to fine wine what Kona is to gourmet coffee.”

— Robert Barnes, Founder & Farmer

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We roast our beans one day and ship the next!

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Our cropshare members are folks who have literally bought into our concept. The idea that we can manage our farm entirely off-grid, using the latest technology and carbon negative practices to produce an incredible product, and perhaps lead the way for others so we may all enjoy  a world free from the downside of fossil fuels.

Become a Kona Rainforest CropShare Member and help to ensure our farming practices, and influence, can continue and grow. As members your purchasing power increases as we grow together helping you to save on your orders.

It is with Great Sadness & Humble Appreciation that we Mourn the Loss of Our own Robert Barnes.